We love Mitzvahs!

If you are like everyone else, you are waiting (not so) patiently for spring. I’m definitely looking forward to spring and some family portraits I have scheduled. In the meantime, this month I did a few mitzvahs (a couple of houses and some headshots too). I photographed Bella and her family. Bella was a natural in front of the camera and we had a great time….OK maybe she had a great time at City Museum crawling in all those tight spaces, I on the other hand simply waited until she and her friends surfaced above ground, thank you very much! Bella is smart and kind and she has a lot of great friends who love her bunches. I did enjoy seeing many of my own friends at her party too. I also got to photograph Mitch. Mitch has a smile and demeanor that will melt your heart.   And talk about a fun young man! Of course after meeting his mom, dad and brother and watching all those stealth dance moves, I see the apple doesn’t fall far from that tree. You guys rock!

So now I will head off to North Carolina to visit my family for a much needed vacation and well, to photograph a corporate portrait session along with a portrait of a wonderful musician…my niece! So look out North Carolina here I come. I love my job!

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Shoshana’s Bat Mitzvah {St. Louis Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

I hadn’t met Shoshana until the morning of her formals at B’nai Amoona. But she was so relaxed in front of the camera; it took no time to get rolling.  I kept thinking to myself, ‘she has the sweetest, softest smile I think I have seen in a long time’.  The more and more I photographed her and her family the more I realized it was because she smiled with her eyes, all the way down to her soul.  She is truly beautiful inside and out.  And she has obviously been a great influence on her little sister, Ellory, because she was just as sweet, kind and patient.  I am so happy I got to meet and photograph this fabulous family!

Enjoy the sneak peek.  And leave a comment here on the blog to let them know how much you like their smiles too!

Adam’s Bar Mitzvah {St. Louis Bar Mitzvah Photographer}

Adam was bar mitzvahed this weekend at Shaare Emeth. He made his family proud. His hard work paid off; he did a great job…and he sounded good too! I listened to his mom and dad when they blessed him and then the Rabbi as well. They all spoke of Adam’s kindness and consideration for others. I watched Adam at his luncheon right after services as well as his party that evening at Demolition Ball and you know what I saw? They were all absolutely right. Adam is so kind, caring and considerate to his family and friends. He is also a great model for his brother Jeremy and sister Ellie, they are equally as kind. Adam will surely do a lot of amazing things for our world! So here is a sneak peak of some of Adam’s images. Black and White is not dead! I chose to make this post all black and white images because I feel like in the new digital era, we forget the beauty of film and specifically black and white images. Something about these particular images said a lot to me, and they cried out for black and white. Enjoy! And call me, let’s make some black and white images for you too!