Let em’ be….

I often have parents tell me that they can’t get their kids to smile for the camera or that their smile is forced or cheesy.  My answer is – don’t make them smile. Let them just be comfortable in their own skin…and photographs.  I love when kids bring their own style and flare to a photos session.  Two sisters, Emma and Camille, being themselves all the way around.  From the clothes they picked to the poses most comfortable to them.  Aren’t they beautiful??!!  I might be a bit biased; they are my nieces!

So let your kids be themselves. Let them smile they way they want, let them wear the clothes they love. Just let em’ be them-selves!

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Pet Portraits

We love our pets! And often they are forgotten when it’s time for a family portrait sessions. But we went one step better…their very own portrait session. Check out my sister’s pups, Simon and Lola. They are adorable and a huge part of the family. They are very much loved!

So contact me for you pet’s portrait session. We photograph dogs, cats, birds, horses, chickens, goats, well you get my drift.

Craig and Kara get married! {St. Louis Wedding Photographer}

I walked in to the lobby at the MO Botanical Gardens; I see Kara, Craig and thier entourage.  Kara has bought tickets for everyone and the plan is a short and sweet elopement and a few pics.  I guess the minister standing there holding a bible, or maybe it everyone wearing a shirt and tie and/or a dress, kinda gave us away but it was a MOBOT “sneek in” fail!  We were told we couldn’t go in and have a ceremony or take pics so we had to leave.  OK, plan B.

So we decided to go to Tower Grove Park and hit the rock ruins or the Piper Palm House for a background – problem was, a huge storm was brewing.  We got to the park, began with the service and soon the winds and rain soaked us.  That’s OK, the sun came out when we were all done. And anyway, it’s good luck to get rain on your wedding day and even more luck if you get rained on.  I’m sure that ole’ wive’s tale is true!

So Craig and Kara got married elopement style, even if the whole family did show up!

Enjoy a few pics from their special day!

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Maddie’s Bat Mitzvah

Maddie was just a baby, dressed in her cute little honey pot costume, when her mom asked me to make her photograph. That was 13 years ago!

Kristi Foster St. Loui Bat Mitzvah Photographer

(this photograph still sits on Allison’s mantel)

Allison and Rob were my first neighbors when I moved to St. Louis. So I was more than excited when Allison called me and asked me photograph Maddie’s bat mitzvah.

The evening started with a family party at Allison’s house. The next morning, very early, we were at the shul photographing all the formals. Maddie, read the torah on the bimah (and did a fantastic job too, I hear) and then off to Dave and Busters for some games and fun.

It was awesome being a part of my ole’ friends’ special day!

If your looking for a bar/bat mitzvah photographer, email me now to secure your date! 2014 is almost booked up.

Headshots {St. Louis Photographer}

I got a call from the PR department at a local hospital. They are in the process of redoing their website, adding new (and not so new) doctors and nurses and they needed a few images right away.

I will tell you, I love being in the hospital.  It reminds me of when I worked at Bowman Gray School of Medicine (now called Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center…whew that’s a mouth full).  I use to love getting lost in the halls on the way to the OR, or meeting all the med students on ‘picture day’, and I also loved when I got the chance to create environmental portraits for some of the most prominent doctors and researchers around.

So when Stephanie called and asked if I could do some headshots of the CEO and a few of their doctors, I was thrilled.  I”m hoping to do more for her as she begins revamping the website.

Here are a couple, stay tuned for more.

Ed and Vicki Elope {St. Louis Wedding Photographer}

I got the chance to photograph a lovely couple being married by Carolyn Burke of Elope St. Louis.  I have worked with Carolyn before and she is fantastic; this was my first elopement with her officiating.

Ed and Vicki waited for us in the Basso at the Cheshire Inn.  We walked in and they were sitting in a booth, smiling from ear to ear.  I think they were a bit nervous too.  The ambience was warm and cozy, and there they picked a place in front of the roaring fire.  Carolyn got right down to business and Ed and Vicki were married in just a few short but very sweet minutes.  We even had time for the lighting of the unity candle.

And once they said their “I do”, we went off to take a some pics.  So enjoy a few favorites from Ed and Vicki’s big day.

If you want to get married without the fuss but with plenty of style, call Carolyn and she can fix you right up.

Happy New Year from Kristi Foster Photography, Inc.

What a great year Kristi Foster Photography, Inc has had! New clients, new website and even a new blog.

Thank you to all my supportive clients and friends!

What’s in store for 2014? I am hoping to get this blogging stuff down and get more out there. I also plan to take a few continuing education classes, just to keep sharp (see what I did there?) on my photography skills. I will be working on expanding weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs into North Carolina and I’m hoping to schedule some of those near or on the beach! I might even be able to get a photo workshop trip in too….I’m thinking Tuscany, at least that is my hope anyway.

Whew, that’s an ambitious 2014, but I’m ready and excited!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from 2013….

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nothing better than a bat mitzvah or two or three….{St. Louis Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

Rachel, Sara and now Ariel. All the Berwald girls have been bat mitzvahed. I have loved every one of their mitzvot simply because they are a fun, sweet and loving family. And well, because every time we got to do a fun and crazy pic. Not too many families can get everyone on board with the silly images. I love their willingness to be themselves and to have a good time! I can’t wait to see what they do at their weddings…don’t worry, Laurie, I’m not rushing them!

Mazel Tov Ariel!

Enjoy the pics.  Leave the Berwald’s a comment below, let them know what you think about their sneak peek!

And here are a few from the past…

Stah Photographer. Louis Bat Mitzv Baah St. Louis Photographert Mitzv

awww, you know you wanna pinch those cheeks, all 3 of them {St. Louis Outdoor Family Photographer}

They found out at the 20 week ultrasound that their sweet bundle of joy would be born with very complex congenital heart disease.  He would have to undergo many surgeries and one, at just age 11 months, would be an 11 hour ordeal.  But Grant did well in the care of Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, and after several surgeries and a long recovery he finally went home.

“He is bright, funny and rotten, and we love him to pieces.” his mother boldly claims; after meeting him and the whole family I see it’s true.  Grant and his brothers, Nate and Finn are absolutely adorable…and happy…and loved! What I admire most about Lisa and Scott, is they love and treat all three boys the same.

Check out The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF), find out more about kids like Grant and how you can help support CHF.

I truly enjoyed photographing the Bullinger-Pappalardo Family and making them new friends too. Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Sweetest Couple Ever {St. Louis Intimate Wedding Photographer}

OK, everyone has been asking about my older couple’s wedding.  I was asked by a friend to photograph a small intimate wedding at a home in Town and Country.  Of course I said yes.

The back story I was given is as follows:  Bev went to work for Charles right out of school; she was his assistant.  Not long after she started he said to her, “you know, you’re a smart cookie, you should go back to school”.  And she did.  She went from his assistant to a lawyer and they worked together side by side for many years.  Then they opened up their own law firm and became partners. All the while Bev became great friends to Charles and his wife.  They even lived next door to one another.  They really were all best friends.  Then several years ago Charles’ wife got ill and so both Bev and Charles rallied together to care for her.  She died 2 years ago and Bev and Charles remained best friends.  So what do best friends do? They get married and live happily ever after. THE END!

All you have to do is look at their smiles to know… there is love!