We love Mitzvahs!

If you are like everyone else, you are waiting (not so) patiently for spring. I’m definitely looking forward to spring and some family portraits I have scheduled. In the meantime, this month I did a few mitzvahs (a couple of houses and some headshots too). I photographed Bella and her family. Bella was a natural in front of the camera and we had a great time….OK maybe she had a great time at City Museum crawling in all those tight spaces, I on the other hand simply waited until she and her friends surfaced above ground, thank you very much! Bella is smart and kind and she has a lot of great friends who love her bunches. I did enjoy seeing many of my own friends at her party too. I also got to photograph Mitch. Mitch has a smile and demeanor that will melt your heart.   And talk about a fun young man! Of course after meeting his mom, dad and brother and watching all those stealth dance moves, I see the apple doesn’t fall far from that tree. You guys rock!

So now I will head off to North Carolina to visit my family for a much needed vacation and well, to photograph a corporate portrait session along with a portrait of a wonderful musician…my niece! So look out North Carolina here I come. I love my job!

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Maddie’s Bat Mitzvah

Maddie was just a baby, dressed in her cute little honey pot costume, when her mom asked me to make her photograph. That was 13 years ago!

Kristi Foster St. Loui Bat Mitzvah Photographer

(this photograph still sits on Allison’s mantel)

Allison and Rob were my first neighbors when I moved to St. Louis. So I was more than excited when Allison called me and asked me photograph Maddie’s bat mitzvah.

The evening started with a family party at Allison’s house. The next morning, very early, we were at the shul photographing all the formals. Maddie, read the torah on the bimah (and did a fantastic job too, I hear) and then off to Dave and Busters for some games and fun.

It was awesome being a part of my ole’ friends’ special day!

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Happy New Year from Kristi Foster Photography, Inc.

What a great year Kristi Foster Photography, Inc has had! New clients, new website and even a new blog.

Thank you to all my supportive clients and friends!

What’s in store for 2014? I am hoping to get this blogging stuff down and get more out there. I also plan to take a few continuing education classes, just to keep sharp (see what I did there?) on my photography skills. I will be working on expanding weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs into North Carolina and I’m hoping to schedule some of those near or on the beach! I might even be able to get a photo workshop trip in too….I’m thinking Tuscany, at least that is my hope anyway.

Whew, that’s an ambitious 2014, but I’m ready and excited!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from 2013….

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Shoshana’s Bat Mitzvah {St. Louis Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

I hadn’t met Shoshana until the morning of her formals at B’nai Amoona. But she was so relaxed in front of the camera; it took no time to get rolling.  I kept thinking to myself, ‘she has the sweetest, softest smile I think I have seen in a long time’.  The more and more I photographed her and her family the more I realized it was because she smiled with her eyes, all the way down to her soul.  She is truly beautiful inside and out.  And she has obviously been a great influence on her little sister, Ellory, because she was just as sweet, kind and patient.  I am so happy I got to meet and photograph this fabulous family!

Enjoy the sneak peek.  And leave a comment here on the blog to let them know how much you like their smiles too!

nothing better than a bat mitzvah or two or three….{St. Louis Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

Rachel, Sara and now Ariel. All the Berwald girls have been bat mitzvahed. I have loved every one of their mitzvot simply because they are a fun, sweet and loving family. And well, because every time we got to do a fun and crazy pic. Not too many families can get everyone on board with the silly images. I love their willingness to be themselves and to have a good time! I can’t wait to see what they do at their weddings…don’t worry, Laurie, I’m not rushing them!

Mazel Tov Ariel!

Enjoy the pics.  Leave the Berwald’s a comment below, let them know what you think about their sneak peek!

And here are a few from the past…

Stah Photographer. Louis Bat Mitzv Baah St. Louis Photographert Mitzv

Adam’s Bar Mitzvah {St. Louis Bar Mitzvah Photographer}

Adam was bar mitzvahed this weekend at Shaare Emeth. He made his family proud. His hard work paid off; he did a great job…and he sounded good too! I listened to his mom and dad when they blessed him and then the Rabbi as well. They all spoke of Adam’s kindness and consideration for others. I watched Adam at his luncheon right after services as well as his party that evening at Demolition Ball and you know what I saw? They were all absolutely right. Adam is so kind, caring and considerate to his family and friends. He is also a great model for his brother Jeremy and sister Ellie, they are equally as kind. Adam will surely do a lot of amazing things for our world! So here is a sneak peak of some of Adam’s images. Black and White is not dead! I chose to make this post all black and white images because I feel like in the new digital era, we forget the beauty of film and specifically black and white images. Something about these particular images said a lot to me, and they cried out for black and white. Enjoy! And call me, let’s make some black and white images for you too!