Everyone loves Henry! {St. Louis Outdoor Family Photographer}

You have already seen the sneak peek, now are you ready for some more?

Henry is one of the happiest kids I know.  He and his parents live in my building, and I love hearing his giggles out in the hall, when they are letting Henry run around.  Jackson and Hope like to visit with him too!

We had a great day for a family portrait session out at Forest Park; not too cold and still some fall leaves.  At Henry’s age I expected him to give us about 15 minutes before he would ‘be over’ all the sitting and smiling for the camera but he let us hang out for abour 45 minutes.  While he wasn’t real sure about this huge black thing in his face that kept flashing every few minutes, he did have fun and smiled a lot (OK and he cried once) too!

So enjoy a few more pics of Henry and his mom and dad.  If you like their photographs, leave them a comment to let them know.  And hey, share the link with your friends who may need family portraits too; let them will know where to find me!

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