nothing better than a bat mitzvah or two or three….{St. Louis Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

Rachel, Sara and now Ariel. All the Berwald girls have been bat mitzvahed. I have loved every one of their mitzvot simply because they are a fun, sweet and loving family. And well, because every time we got to do a fun and crazy pic. Not too many families can get everyone on board with the silly images. I love their willingness to be themselves and to have a good time! I can’t wait to see what they do at their weddings…don’t worry, Laurie, I’m not rushing them!

Mazel Tov Ariel!

Enjoy the pics.  Leave the Berwald’s a comment below, let them know what you think about their sneak peek!

And here are a few from the past…

Stah Photographer. Louis Bat Mitzv Baah St. Louis Photographert Mitzv

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