Wow, it’s been a long time

This is what happens when you get busy, you get slack and forget to keep up with the blogging.  So many places to share information; where should I chose to spend my time and energy? That is a hard question to answer.  After all, I’m a photographer not a writer (or a marketer, for that matter).

So I’ll just stick to what I know…blogging when I can, always sending out a monthly newsletter, posting pics on Facebook and most importantly of all, taking care of my clients.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite images of beautiful people from my trip to Cuba.

If you’d like to see a slideshow of the whole trip; go check it out.

Now back to work I go.


A Few of My Favs from 2015

2015 was a great year!

Here’s to 2016! Call now to book your date!

I’m back…reluctantly

Well I am back from my fun filled trip with lots of photographs!  Don’t worry, I won’t make you sit through a whole slide show….and yes, I have one; a very long one!

My trip started out in Budapest, Hungary where we had an extra day to look around before getting on our small river boat.  We sailed from Budapest to Vukovar in Croatia, then to Donji Milanovac, Serbia, and off to Vidin and Rousse, Bulgaria (my personal favorite) and finally to Bucharest, Romania.  Oh yeah and we stayed an extra day and took a day trip to Transylvania. Don’t even ask me about our driver, Stefan (hint; he is crazier than me behind the wheel). What a blast we had.  I did not want to come home.  Not only did I have fun but I learned a lot too.  You know all the things they don’t teach you here, in America.

So enjoy some of my images. (click first image to scroll thru at a larger size)


farm living is the life for me!

Who doesn’t love cows, chickens, cats and dogs? OK maybe lots of you. Who doesn’t love pics of cows, chickens, cats and dogs? Well I have some adorable cow images for you.  I hung out with these cows last Sunday.  They watched me closely, to see what exactly I was doing.  I watched them too, on the other side of the fence of course.  Hey, I didn’t want to get dirty.

Enjoy the images.

#ilovecows   #lookatthelittlebabies


Sam comes home

Rebecca and Mac have been waiting to bring Sam home for 2 years.  May 31 was finally that day.  Mac stayed in St. Louis with small Paul, whom they adopted earlier in 2011, while Rebecca and her mother, Sungja went to Seoul to bring Sam home.  It was a long busy 2 weeks but for the Bergson family, well worth it.  Many friends, Linda, a minister from The Gathering and me, their photographer got to the airport early so we could see them coming through the corridor. There were signs and lots of “welcome home” shouts and a few tears of joy too; I was so excited to be there to capture such a special moment!  What a special, wonderful and happy family!

Enjoy a few of the photographs I captured.

If you have a special event you need captured, contact me.  I want to share with you, your special moments!