Rose and Alfred get married

If you are thinking about having an inmate, elegant wedding, then you’ll like Rose and Alfred’s wedding.  They did just that.  Their wedding was  early evening that went right into the reception.  Their guest list was small and included family and close friends. The atmosphere was cozy and relaxed….the perfect wedding for the sophisticated(but not stuffy) bride and groom.

And if you haven’t picked your venue yet, you might want to consider Miss Aimee B’s in St. Charles.  Rose and Alfred’s  wedding and reception was held there.  Miss Aimee B’s is very cute and quaint and I can tell you first hand, the food is delicious.   They know how to make fantastic chicken, creamed potatoes and fresh green beans.  And the staff was very attentive.  So if you love good food, a romantic ambiance, and convenient location, you might want to check them out.

In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite pics from the wedding!


Wanna Get Married?

Been thinking about getting married but really don’t have that dream of a large wedding? Don’t want to have to invite lots of people, or spend all the time in to planning and taste testing and then of course the money? BUT, you do want something that is special; something that you and your partner get to share between each other, witnessed by a few of your best friends and your family too?

Well, have you ever thought about eloping? You can pick a favorite spot and say your ‘I DOs’ with a real officiant. You can even wear a wedding gown (or your favorite pair of jeans).  You can have beautiful flowers and rings and a professional photographer.  And it is affordable.

If you want to learn more, check out Elope STL.  I have been working with Carolyn for a few years now.  She offers complete packages that include her services, flowers and a photographer.  Carolyn is fun and accommodating and down right innovative if you need help planning. If you are looking for a low stress option yet still very special, then you will love an elopement!

Enjoy a few photographs from some of the elopements I have participated in with Carolyn.

My trip home…

I just got back from visiting home.  I was able to see my family and have a great birthday celebration! It was like a small family reunion with cousins I hadn’t seen in a long time and my great aunt and uncle, who are in their late 80’s and 90’s and still enjoying life and of course our favorite pizza…Sir Pizza!

(C) Kristi Foster-008

While I was home I got to squeeze in a portrait session in the Raleigh Durham area. Hannah was so much fun.  She is one happy little girl.  She woke up ready to smile for the camera. She loved seeing her images on the back of the camera too.  I was going to share a few of my favorite images but I couldn’t choose just one or two so I made you a slideshow instead.  Enjoy!

If you or anyone you know needs a photographer in the North Carolina, please share my information with them.

Finally getting to my blog….

Well I have let another month get away from me.  My only excuse? I’m been busy.  Which is great.  I spent this month photographing some weddings, some mitzvahs and a senior portrait.  I hope you enjoy looking at a few of my favorites.

I am still taking bookings for 2015 and 2016 weddings and mitzvahs so please share my name with your friends.

Wanna view the images larger? Simply click on the image and scroll through.



Being Vulnerable Might Bring Creativity

With putting in 60 plus hours a week, I have to admit I have been bone tired. And I was feeling a bit creatively blocked. Umm, that’s not a good thing for a photographer. So what does one do in this situation? They call on another creative soul for help. I talked with my friend Rhonda, who is a wonderful photographer; very creative and well just a beautiful person, inside and out.  I have known Rhonda for more than 20 years so when she gave me a self portrait assignment, she knew I would whine and cry and say, “no, I can’t do that”.  I think she also knew that I would come back in a few days and say “OK, I’ll take that challenge”.  So I did.  And was it ever a challenge.  I hate to put myself out there; I hate to be vulnerable, much like many of you.  But it was worth it.  I walked away with a introspective personal project and through the project I unblocked some of my creative flow.  Success!

As Brene’ Brown says “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”   I think she may be right.  Thank you Brene’ and a big thank you to Rhonda, you are an inspiration in more ways than one!

Next Project?


Weddings, Weddings and more Weddings

It was the hottest day of the year, here in STL and I was helping Denise photograph a wedding…OUTSIDE. I think I drank more water and Gatorade in that one day then I did all summer.  But it was worth it. The bride and groom did just great and never broke a sweat although I do not know how.

I have been lucky; this year I was able to work with several different photographers to “second shoot” some weddings.  I really enjoy helping out because it gives me the chance to see other photogs in action as well as allowing me to focus on the candid and details, which I love so much.  Plus I was able to go to several new places such as The New Town Chapel, which was a wonderful place for a wedding.  I was introduced to the Old Town Chapel in Florissant MO, where I met one of the most humorous ministers around who had a knack for a beautiful and powerful message about marriage. I also photographed at Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church, where we had awesome courtyards with fountains and stain glass, we even beat the rain on that day…but just barely.

Enjoy a few pics from the different weddings. And remember, Kristi Foster Photography books a limited number of weddings each year so make sure you call or email me now to book your 2014 or 2015 date.

Sweetest Couple Ever {St. Louis Intimate Wedding Photographer}

OK, everyone has been asking about my older couple’s wedding.  I was asked by a friend to photograph a small intimate wedding at a home in Town and Country.  Of course I said yes.

The back story I was given is as follows:  Bev went to work for Charles right out of school; she was his assistant.  Not long after she started he said to her, “you know, you’re a smart cookie, you should go back to school”.  And she did.  She went from his assistant to a lawyer and they worked together side by side for many years.  Then they opened up their own law firm and became partners. All the while Bev became great friends to Charles and his wife.  They even lived next door to one another.  They really were all best friends.  Then several years ago Charles’ wife got ill and so both Bev and Charles rallied together to care for her.  She died 2 years ago and Bev and Charles remained best friends.  So what do best friends do? They get married and live happily ever after. THE END!

All you have to do is look at their smiles to know… there is love!

Adam’s Bar Mitzvah {St. Louis Bar Mitzvah Photographer}

Adam was bar mitzvahed this weekend at Shaare Emeth. He made his family proud. His hard work paid off; he did a great job…and he sounded good too! I listened to his mom and dad when they blessed him and then the Rabbi as well. They all spoke of Adam’s kindness and consideration for others. I watched Adam at his luncheon right after services as well as his party that evening at Demolition Ball and you know what I saw? They were all absolutely right. Adam is so kind, caring and considerate to his family and friends. He is also a great model for his brother Jeremy and sister Ellie, they are equally as kind. Adam will surely do a lot of amazing things for our world! So here is a sneak peak of some of Adam’s images. Black and White is not dead! I chose to make this post all black and white images because I feel like in the new digital era, we forget the beauty of film and specifically black and white images. Something about these particular images said a lot to me, and they cried out for black and white. Enjoy! And call me, let’s make some black and white images for you too!