Fine Art Portraiture


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Who is Newby Portraiture?  We are a division of Kristi Foster Photography, Inc. that is passionate about creating fine art portraiture.  Our product comes with an unsurpassed level of service, quality imagery, and the finest archival products with guaranteed security, so that you may pass your fine art portrait down from generation to generation.

What is Newby Portraiture?  NP was created for those who are looking for impressive wall imagery that will represent your family for generations to come. We create fine art portraiture that you will be proud to showcase in your home. Your portrait will be custom created on the finest art canvas; these art pieces are protected with a special 200 degree laminate that preserves the 12 color pigmented dye, making them resistant to scuffs, scratches and UV exposure. We only select the finest frames, which are hand assembled by our custom frame technician. Each part of the process receives special and personal attention so that your wall portrait is exquisite.

Why Newby Fine Art Portraiture?  Because we know that digital images, sitting in a desk drawer are not the way to preserve your family’s treasured heirlooms! Your elegant portraiture will bring any room in your home to life, as well as convey pure quintessential love and joy every time you look at it.

What else should I know about Newby Portraiture?  We pride ourselves on impeccable service.  We will assist you from beginning to end with every decision and detail; where to hang your portrait, clothing choices,  image selection at the viewing session, choosing the perfect framing for your art piece, and finally we will hand deliver your beautifully finished wall portrait to your door.

I’m ready to schedule my fine art portraiture session, so what do I do next?  It’s simple, call me or email me and we will begin!

*Why the name, Newby?  Newby portraiture is a nod to our familial castle. My grandfather spent many hours researching our family tree and genealogy. In those searches he found a castle in North Yorkshire, England dating back to the 600’s that belonged to our ancestors. This castle is called “Newby Hall and Gardens“. I hope that my sister and I are able to visit there someday. Check out their website when you have the time!