Born and raised in North Carolina, moving to St Louis in 2000, Kristi has been a photographer her entire career.

Learning the ropes as a photo-finisher, accepting a position at Wake Forest school of medicine as medical photographer, working at a Los Angles based company that created one of the first online 3D shopping sites, where she was the manager of the digital studio.

​In 2000, Kristi moved to St. Louis where she went to Webster University for her BA in Communications/Photography. She started her own business photographing many weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, as well as numerous assignments for various commercial clients.

She has learned, grown and has been shaped by all the photography experiences.

​Now Kristi is an architectural photographer for real estate agents, this gives her the chance to work in an area of photography that she loves. The technical aspects of photography; angles, lighting, design and beautiful architectural keep it exciting for her. Not to mention all the decorating ideas she files away for later usage.

​In the last few years Kristi has decided to go in a direction of her passion. Dogs!!!! (and other pet too). Loving every dog she meets, she feels strongly that all dogs are simply REGAL! You can feel their soul, their magnificence, their majesty so why not capture that in a image that will last a lifetime.

“If you are like me, you absolutely ADORE your furbaby and you know how important a portrait is to you. You want a beautiful wall portrait to capture the essence, the elegance and majesty of your baby, one that you can showcase now and have forever. A wall portrait that conveys quintessential love and joy every time you see it!”

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