Born and raised in North Carolina, then moving to St Louis, I have been a photographer my entire career.

While in NC I learned the ropes as a photo-finisher, accepted a position at Wake Forest school of medicine as medical photographer, worked at a Los Angles based company that created one of the first online 3D shopping sites, where I was the manager of the digital studio, gave me these valuable experiences enabling me to hone my craft.

​In 2000, I moved to St. Louis where I went to Webster University for a BA in Media Communications and Photography. I started my own business photographing weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate portraits as well as numerous assignments for various commercial clients.

I’ve learned, grown and have been shaped by all my photography experiences.

​Now as an architectural photographer for real estate agents, this gives me the chance to work in an area of photography that I love. The technical aspects of photography; angles, lighting, design and beautiful architectural keep it exciting for me. Not to mention all the decorating ideas I file away for later usage.

​In the last few years I have decided to go in another direction of my passion. Dogs!!!! (and other pet too). Loving every dog I meet, I feel strongly that all dogs are simply REGAL! You can feel their soul, their magnificence, their majesty and I want to capture that in a image that will last a lifetime.

If you are like me, you absolutely ADORE your furbaby and you know how important a photograph is to you. You want a beautiful wall portrait to capture the essence, the elegance and majesty of your baby, one that you can showcase now and have forever.

You can email me directly at