Perfect Weather for a Wedding

Once again I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Burke of Elopement in St. Louis.  Jamie and Ashley, the lovely couple wanted to be married in St. Louis.  So we went to Tower Grove Park .  Jamie and Ashley picked the area around the ruins for the ceremony.  As always Carolyn was able to bring out some laughs and of course big smiles and good ole’ heart swells!  While Jamie’s folks ran back to get the forgotten marriage license (oops), I was able to spend a little extra time with the newly weds.  We had a great photo session…the photographs are spectacular; Jamie and Ashley were a fun loving, photogenic couple!  They truly made my job easy.  Enjoy the pics.  Leave a comment letting Jamie and Ashley know how much you love their wedding pics.  If you have an upcoming wedding, contact me to secure your date.



Thoughtfully Dressed…

Need help deciding what to wear for your family portrait, your daughter’s wedding and your son’s bat mitzvah.  Krissi can help!  She can help you buy new clothes or use the ones you have so that the whole family is coordinated. That is that she did for the Hopping family.  And they look awesome! She took pieces they already had in their closet and matched them so that the colors in our portrait session flowed nicely.  Everyone got to maintain a bit of themselves, yet there were no clashing colors.  Nate is a bow tie man, and Eleonore, she loves whales; so of course they wanted to wear something that represented who they are as individuals.  They were able to do just that with Krissi’s help!  I can’t wait to work with her again; she helped make our session a huge visual success!

St. Louis Outside Family Portrait Photographer

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